Professional Grade vs. Over the Counter Skincare Products

We see a lot of over the counter skincare advertisements wherever we go, All of their claims seem really promising, but are they really effective? The truth is, not all skincare products are created equal.

What's in it, and how much makes a difference.

Over the counter (OTC) skincare, or products that you can purchase from your friends, are not tested for effectiveness and are not held to the same standard as professional grade skincare. Since there is no regulation required, non-professional products are made in large batches. Professional grade skincare is created in smaller batches which results in more quality control and better ingredients. OTC skincare also contain a low percentage of active ingredients. They may say their cream has retinol or vitamin c in it, but the ingredient deck will show that there is typically not enough of the ingredient for it to be effective. Due to low quantities of active ingredients, OTC products are unable to penetrate past the top layer of our skin. This prohibits them from achieving the desired anti-aging results.

One thing OTC skincare companies are good at is marketing. They’re able to make any claim that they want without the proof to back it up. So, no, that $20 cream will not make you look 10 years younger in 30 days! Professional products are tested and are made with quality active ingredients that have proven results with proper use.

No Such Thing As," One Size Fits All"

Non-professional lines are a one size fits all kind of skincare which will leave you wondering why your products aren’t working. Nobody's skin is the same and each person requires a unique skincare regimen to achieve their desired results. It’s important to invest in skincare products and services that are recommended by a trained and licensed professional. Through a skin care consultation we can create a personalized regimen that will work for YOU and your skin’s needs!

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Why we love Image Skincare Products.

At Wellness Fusion Med Spa & Family Practice we trust Image Skincare for the needs of our clients. Image products do not contain harsh chemicals and are easy to incorporate into our client's daily routines. We carry a variety of Image products to match the individual needs of our client's for daily skincare regimens, and post-treatment care.

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