Why is fall the best time for Laser Hair Removal?

Fall is the best. It’s the best time for pumpkin spice lattes, yes. It’s also the best time for Laser Hair Removal! As we start to bulk up on clothing you may have considered tossing the razor for hibernation season and growing a lush fuzzy coat on your legs, think again! Did you know that Laser Hair Removal can now gently, and permanently remove unwanted hair?


Why is fall the best time for Laser Hair Removal?

The cool weather of fall and winter provide more than ideal conditions for laser hair removal. For one thing, you’re all covered up, so there’s very little opportunity for the sun to interfere with the treatment! The sun’s UV rays activate the skins melanin which is what causes us to tan but it also can increase your skins sensitivity to heat. This is why we ask our clients do not tan for 72 hours prior to treatment.

Secondly, start now and you will be hairless by summer! By the time summer hits you won’t have the annoyance of having to shave or wax, (which in my opinion is awful). I mean who really wants to have to grow their hair out just to have it removed? Let me assure you, waking up with smooth legs and no idea when the last time you shaved is the BEST feeling ever.

There are so many advantages to thinking ahead and starting your hair free journey now! As soon as the warm weather is back, you’ll be confident knowing you are well ahead of the curve, while others will be panicking and wondering if they’ve missed the boat.

You can prepare for next summer (or a tropical winter getaway) NOW with just a few treatments.

We offer free consults as well as free test patches. Don’t waste another minute a slave to your razor!


I look forward to seeing you soon!

Lauren Walsh

Esthetician & Laser Technician


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