“So what supplements do you take?” This is often how we decide for ourselves what supplements we should take – a stratagem that’s based strictly on another person’s results, lifestyle, and nutrition choices, let alone their personal health history. The decision of what supplements you should take should be based on your OWN health history, your unique lifestyle, and above all, your personal health and fitness goals, not someone else’s.

Where do I start?

Consulting with your personal trainer is always a good choice because they will be familiar with your goals, your health history, and your current nutrition plans. But if you are not a member of a gym or don’t have a personal trainer to consult, fear not, there are other solutions.

The Supplement Recommender

This is perfect for someone new to the world of supplementation. Supplement Rx has organized the confusing, chaotic world of nutrition supplements into a simple, sensible set of choices to help you achieve your personal health and fitness goals. The Supplement Recommender gathers information about you and guides you to the appropriate products and systems customized to fit your goals and lifestyle! This is a simple 5 step process and should only take you about 90 seconds to complete. It’s completely free and can be done on any device with an internet connection! Simply click here to get started.

Supplement Stacks

If you are somewhat familiar with supplements, but want a little aid in a specific area of focus, then a supplement stack is for you! Supplement Stacks are small and simple packages of supplements that help you achieve something very specific. For example, there is the Balanced Energy Stack that helps keep that energy flow even throughout the day. Or the Essential Greens is a combo pack designed to get you the essential nutrients of Vitamin D combined with the alkalizing greens to provide an energy boost and immune support. Or there is the ever-popular XTend the Burn Fat-Burning Pack which charges up your metabolism for a 24/7 fat burning boost! There are lots of options available. Simply click here to browse all Supplement Stacks.

Nutrition Systems

You are geared up and focused on your goals and now you just need the perfect complement to fit that goal. The Nutrition Systems are designed for making sure you get all the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and energy boosts you need to reach your goals. From Weight Loss to Sports Performance to Detoxification or Muscle Building, we’ve got you covered. Simply click here to browse all Nutrition Systems.

Still have questions? Hit us up on Live Chat on our website(during regular business hours) or email us anytime and we’ll do our best to guide you. Don’t forget, we also have meal plans designed by a Registered Dietician to show you how to incorporate the supplements into healthy calorie-controlled meals. Plus, we have lots of Protein Recipes designed to make sure you get your daily dose without getting bored!

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