chiropractic services 


This therapy involves placing cups, which are suctioned on, to an area of the body. This suction effect creates an increase of blood flow to the affected area, ultimately helping to release muscle tension, improve circulation, and reduce inflammation.

(Red, circular marks or bruises are a completely normal and expected response from this treatment).

  • Local pain relief

  • Muscle relaxation

  • Increased blood flow and circulation

  • Promotion of cell repair

  • May help form new connective tissues and blood vessels

Chiropractic adjustments

A high velocity, low amplitude force is applied (either manually or with an instrument known as an activator) with the goal of achieving an increase in range of motion,  decrease in nerve irritability, and an improvement in the overall functioning of a joint. 

  • Improved joint mobility and function

  • Improved functioning of the nervous system

  • Decreased pain

  • Increased flexibility

  • Decreased inflammation

  • Increased energy

  • Improved digestion

  • Aids in better sleep and reduced stress

  • Speeds up recovery

Hypervolt soft tissue therapy

The hypervolt is a tool using

high-frequency vibrations to help break up soft tissue adhesions. This can help relieve muscle stiffness, improve range of motion, aid in muscle recovery, and accelerate muscle warm-up.​

  • Helps to break up soft tissue adhesions

  • Aids in removing toxic waste including lymph drainage and lactic acid build-up within the muscles

  • Improved circulation

  • Increased flexibility

  • Can provide instant relief

  • Can be beneficial as a pre-workout tool to warm up muscles (on highest speed setting)

Instrument assisted

soft tissue therapy

Using a tool, this type of therapy causes microtrauma by breaking apart soft tissue adhesions which may have formed as a result of a muscle strain, immobilization, or surgery. A local inflammatory response is created as a result of this microtrauma, and the breakdown of the soft tissues allow the healing process to take place.

(Slight bruising or redness is an expected and common response to this treatment).

  • Increased circulation

  • Allows for quicker rehab/recovery

  • Helps resolve chronic conditions

  • Promotion of cell repair

  • Helps to break up soft tissue adhesions and remodel scar tissue

Passive & PNF stretching

By using passive stretching, the patient is able to relax and a deeper stretch is accomplished. PNF stretching (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) is a form of stretching in which a passive stretch is applied to a muscle or muscle group, followed by a short, light contraction of that muscle group by the patient against resistance. This type of stretching helps to not only increase the range of motion and flexibility but also helps to improve muscle strength and neuromuscular efficiency. 

  • A deeper stretch is achieved

  • Muscle relaxation

  • Improved muscle tone and activity

  • Increased flexibility

  • Reduced post-workout muscle fatigue

  • Reduced muscle soreness

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