Wellness Fusion  is an innovative wellness clinic and medical spa that seeks to provide comprehensive wellness plans that enhance each patient’s internal and external wellness. At Wellness Fusion we collaborate closely with our clients to develop a plan that works specifically for each patient’s individual goals. Our patient’s long term health and satisfaction come first. This is why we offer non-invasive and cost effective treatment options without undue risks or expense.

Originally founded to offer Hormone Balancing, Wellness Fusion has grown to offer CoolSculpting, Aesthetics, FemTouch Vaginal Rejuvenation, Laser Hair Removal, and Skin Care services. 


Wellness Fusion is proud to be the largest CoolSculpting provider in Idaho, and is the only wellness clinic in Idaho to be able to offer “quad-sculpting”, or the treatment of multiple areas at once. This capability greatly reduces treatment time and allows our clients to reach their treatment goals as quickly as possible. 


Each of our clinics is overseen by a licensed medical professional. These medical directors assist our certified technicians in developing the most effective treatment plans for our clients. All labs and prescriptions are reviewed and administered by our medical director ensuring the highest level of client satisfaction.

Privacy Policy: Wellness Fusion Client information is protected by HIPPA. Client date or potential client data and information may be collected but will not be sold to third parties. By submitting your information to Wellness Fusion Med Spa we may periodically send you emails, or call you in regards to upcoming events, specials, or promotions.

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Wellness Fusion Med Spa

& Family Practice

9161 W Blackeagle Drive 

Boise, ID 83709



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